Our people are the cornerstone of our success. At SVZ, we embrace the unique value in our people and nurture their development. We have made a commitment to people values that centre around fact-based, respect, accountability, positive energy, proactive and ownership. These principles form the basis of our culture and the way we do business.

Our people values ​are synonymous with the SVZ human resources policy and provide guidance for SVZ employees throughout the world. Every day we strive to apply our principles throughout our work and our relationships with consumers, customers, business partners, the communities in which we operate and each other.

We place trust in our employees and ask them to take responsibility for results, to demonstrate initiative, have a sharp eye for business and to make decisions. We look for people who have a strong sense of responsibility and hold core competencies essential to their work.

Based on this principle of mutual trust, we ask our employees to continually give the best of themselves to make the most of our fine raw materials. Our highly motivated and well trained teams strive to achieve more from our fruit and vegetables and make our ambitions a reality.

The People Behind SVZ

We are always looking for new talent in all disciplines of the company. Every employee is valued and nurtured to develop their knowledge and skills which, ultimately, contribute to furthering the SVZ business.

Training and Development

We believe in giving every employee a strong basis to grow. At SVZ, comprehensive education and training programmes are available to all our employees, to invest in the future of each individual and to secure the future of SVZ.