Fruit and vegetable juice concentrates for tasty and versatile ingredients.

At SVZ, we have the knowledge and experience to supply juice concentrates ingredients to enhance a variety of beverage, sweet and savoury applications. Our fruit and vegetables are processed right after harvest, subtly preserving as much natural richness of colour, taste and nutrients as possible.

We work with customers to select from our extensive range of fruit and vegetables, to develop tailor-made juice concentrate and NFC solutions. We supply clear and cloudy juice concentrates, as well as crystal clear and alcohol-stable forms customized to answer customers unique specification.

Juice and juice concentrates open up exciting and unique application opportunities, including adding natural colour, enhancing flavour, replacing sugar and enriching the nutritional content.

The versatility of juice concentrates and NFC juices extends to finished products including:

To create an endless range of fruit and vegetable juices, NFC juices, nectars, water blends and as an ingredient in alcoholic drinks with natural consumer appeal.

Ideal for enhancing the natural taste and colour profile of fruit preparations, ice cream and dairy desserts.

Bringing a rich colour with a natural profile to hard and soft sweets and fruit jellies.

Lending a rich colour and enhancing the natural fruit flavour of fillings and toppings for baked goods.

Our fruit and vegetable concentrates variety offer a unique, clean flavour profile in jams and fruit preps.