About Us

SVZ is a producer and supplier of fruit and vegetable ingredients for leading food companies.

SVZ sources the best fruits and vegetables from the world’s renowned growing areas in Spain, Benelux, Eastern Europe and the US. We process them into high quality juice concentrates, purees, concentrated purees, compounds and colourants. SVZ has the ability to source and deliver your fruit and vegetable ingredients needs in the form you need.

Those who have worked with us know that SVZ distinguishes itself from its competition by skillfully orchestrating the power of fruit and vegetables. We are able to accomplish this by partnering with growers to source the optimal raw ingredients, by utilizing our expertise in managing and coordinating the entire supply chain for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality, and by letting our passion for what we do shine through every step of the way.

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Besides our head office that is located in Etten-Leur (the Netherlands), SVZ has a multitude of plants and procurement offices across Europe as well as in the USA. With our trade company Netra Agro, a specialist in trading processed tropical and subtropical fruit and vegetable ingredients, the SVZ organization offers a broad range of healthy fruit and vegetable products.

In addition to our traditional activities, SVZ also powers KleurCraft in the delivery of high quality colouring ingredients to markets around the globe.

The letters SVZ stand for Spyer Van der Vijver Zwanenburg, after the earliest owners of the company. The first roots of SVZ date back to 1873. Over the years we have built unrivaled expertise in crop cultivation and processing, as well as in food production and consumption patterns. SVZ is an integral part of Royal Cosun.



Latest News

  • SVZ’s puree concentrates December 2013

    For over 10 years now, SVZ produces puree concentrate. Puree concentrates are obtained from puree, by physically removing a certain amount of water. The SVZ puree concentrates are great if you wish to build your own taste, or if you want to add fiber or colour specs  in your product. A puree concentrate is always high on brix and [...]

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  • SVZ assortment list December 2013

    The new SVZ assortment list of our fruit and vegetable range has been presented at FIE late November. You can download a copy of the fruit and vegetables assortment list in the product pages, or download your copy here:  SVZ Assortment. SVZ offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables from all corners of the world, processed into single [...]

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