Fruits & Vegetables

At SVZ, we don’t just source fruits and vegetables.

We partner with our growers from around the world to work together in developing, planting, growing, and harvesting the highest quality and most desirable fruits and vegetables possible.

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Supply Chain Expertise

Like the conductor of a symphony, SVZ has mastered the art and science of managing all the intricate pieces of the fruit and vegetable supply chain.

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While many may consider fruits and vegetables as ‘commodities,’ we do not.  Because, ‘commodities’ imply uniformity, lack of differentiation, sameness.  And we know that our passion for our fruits and vegetables, for our customers, for the entire supply chain, cannot be matched.  It is what sets us apart.

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Orchestrating the Power of Fruit & Vegetables

SVZ produces and supplies fruit and vegetable ingredients for the international food market.

Much like a classical musical conductor, SVZ orchestrates the entire supply chain – from the seed of the fruit to the end products your customers consume – to ensure the highest quality possible. Our ability to do so is driven by the partnerships we forge with fruit and vegetable farmers across the European and American continents, our expertise in managing and catalyzing the entire supply chain, and our passion for quality, relationships, and results.


SVZ mixed fruits

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