Consumers are searching for food and beverage products which can support their digestive health, and the credentials of fermented drinks and dairy products in aiding gut health are becoming well known. Want to tap into this burgeoning trend? Fermented fruit and vegetable ingredients are a great way to make your products more appealing to health-conscious consumers.

Our 100% natural range of fermented NFC juices and juice concentrates are a simple way to add great health credentials to your formulations – and our natural fermentation process means that there is no need to use citric acid, resulting in a long-lasting, mild taste that is perceived as less sour or acidic when compared to traditional ingredients. 

Red beet

With many nutrients in few calories, beets boast an impressive nutritional profile. Although most consumers know red beet best as a pickled vegetable or an ingredient in dishes like salads or borscht, there is far more to this versatile vegetable than many might imagine. Its fermented juice is a popular standalone healthy beverage, or it can be blended with other fruits and vegetables like apple, carrot, strawberry or passionfruit  perfect for manufacturers seeking out ingredients to boost health appeal.  

Orange carrot

Once seen as a basic vegetable offering, orange carrots now have so much more to give. From soups to beverages, SVZ’s fermented carrot products provide brands with the perfect ingredient for consumer demands all year round. Why not explore the potential of fermented carrot in a refreshing and functional juice for healthconscious consumers? Discover all the possibilities that fermented orange carrot has for your product development today 

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