For global consumers, supermarket trips have become synonymous with checking labels for ingredients and additives. Food and beverage manufacturers need to give consumers natural and simple ingredients that they recognise – so how can you deliver on label-friendliness without compromising on great taste and texture?

100% natural fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates are a great solution for making products more attractive for consumers. Replace artificial colourings and added sugar with the clean-label sweetness and vibrancy of fruits and vegetables – harness the red of beetroot for example, without the need for an e-number, or use a strawberry or carrot concentrate to replace added sugar. Keep scrolling for inspiration… 


Say goodbye to artificial flavours and colours with the multipurpose power of raspberries. Delivering a vibrant deep-pink hue, along with a fresh fruity flavour, these versatile berries help keep labels clean, and consumers coming back for more. SVZ’s range of premium raspberry purees, juice concentrates and NFC juiceoffer producers an all-natural ingredient solution for everything from gourmet ice creams to yoghurt drinks and pie fillings.  

Yellow carrot

Tasty, colourful and packed with vitamins and mineralsthese wonderfully varied root vegetables are the perfect addition for clean-label formulations. Carrots are best known in their classic orange variety but are equally delicious in their yellow form. With such a vibrant colour and complex, naturally sweet flavour, SVZ’s all-natural yellow carrot purees, juice concentrates and NFC juices give brands the perfect solution for keeping ingredients lists short, with no compromise on sensory appeal.   

Green bell pepper

Bell peppers come in a wide array of vibrant colours, with the green variety prized for its uniquefresh flavour. A staple ingredient in many of the world’s most popular culinary traditionsthese tasty capsicums add a complex flavour to food and beverage applications, naturally. What’s more, green bell peppers are packed with vitamins C and A, allowing producers to add a healthy kick to their clean label offerings. SVZ offers premium green bell pepper purees, juice concentrates and NFC juices to make it even easier to incorporate into juices, soups and dressings.  

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