How can global manufacturers achieve a visually appealing, vibrant colour without the use of artificial ingredients? If you’re looking for vivid colours – which are 100% natural and label-friendly – keep reading… 

Fruit and vegetable ingredients are a great solution for NPD teams who want to harness vibrant hues in a clean label way. 

Or, if you’re searching for a colourless solution that will help you both reduce sugar content and effectively manage the final colour of your products, our neutral coloured base offering is perfect for youDiscover our extensive range of purees, juice concentrates and NFC juices to help you find the exact shade you’re looking for, without the need for artificial additivesWhat are you waiting for? Find out more today! 


Native to North America, purple aronia berries pack a visual and nutritional punch! For manufacturers looking to offer more unique – yet delicious – flavours, while harnessing exquisite natural colours, SVZ offers a premium selection of aronia berry ingredients that will work perfectly in healthy juices, smoothies and jams. Plus, as the deep purple berries contain powerful antioxidants and multiple vitamins, they are also great for immune health 


Combine beautiful colouring with great nutritional credentials by choosing our elderberry ingredients! Packed with antioxidants and multiple vitamins, this super berry is great for brands looking to harness a deep red shade for their new food and beverage productsSVZ’s elderberry portfolio consists of single strength purees and juice concentrates that will elevate brands’ beverage, jelly and dessert offerings by offering a unique and aesthetically appealing ingredient.

White pumpkin

Is white the new orange? Serve something a little different with white pumpkin’s monotonal colour – yet, with the same great taste of orange pumpkin. Discover SVZ’s white pumpkin single strength puree and harness its naturally sweet flavour with a neutral hue. Great for colour management, our white pumpkin ingredients are a practical and delicious solution for new product development. 

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