We’re motivated by providing our partners with high-qualitytasty and nutritious fruit and vegetable ingredients. That’s why our dedicated quality team controls the entire supply chain, from the moment the crops are harvested until the finished product is shipped. And, throughout the entire process, we conduct quality checks to ensure our products are safe and comply with regulatory standards. 

All SVZ products are processed in state-of-the-art facilities and are independently certified to the highest quality standards. In fact, our European and US factories are BRC-certified and FDA-approved. You can explore our certifications and accreditations below. 

Key considerations

We understand that a priority for our partners is the safety of fruit and vegetable ingredients. That’s why we undertake stringent controls and quality assurance checks to ensure that our ingredients meet global safety regulations – so you can rest assured that your products are both safe and delicious.


We understand that the natural variability of harvest cycles and crop yields can make supply chain management a real challenge – but at SVZ we pride ourselves on our reliability. Our expert team has complete control of the agro-supply, to ensure that our farmer partners’ output is not only continuous but consistently high-quality.


Our trained sensory panel experts monitor and evaluate the properties of every fruit and vegetable ingredient we deliver. We test for taste, mouthfeel and colour, to make sure that every puree, NFC and concentrate retains the very best of the natural source. Our customers therefore have peace of mind that their specific requirements are met with a safe and high-quality ingredient.

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