Agronomy: our core and passion

At SVZ, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, tasty fruit and vegetable ingredients for our partners. Producing premium purees, juices and NFC juices requires a deep understanding of agronomy – the science and technology of agricultureThat’s why we have a dedicated team of expert agronomists working in the fields all year round, ensuring that every fruit or vegetable that travels along the supply chain meets specific customer and legislative standards. 

Whether you need an ingredient with a specific colour, texture or nutrient profile, it’s our agronomy team – in combination with university research centres and specialist seed breeders – that makes these dreams a reality. This means we can ensure that our ingredients are tailored to your exact requirements – so your final products not only taste great, but deliver in terms of nutrition, mouthfeel and appearance. 

What do our agronomists do?

The role is diverse – from supporting our partner farmers year-round to trialling different ingredient varieties and providing regulatory advicetheir work is constantly evolving. A key focus is to ensure that all processed ingredients are as safe, consistent and high-quality as possible, which means continuous monitoring, observing and reporting – as well as soil composition analysis. 

The agronomy team also works on creating tailored ingredient solutions that meet our customers’ exact requirements – whether that involves selecting the optimal fruit seed or ensuring very specific levels of a nutrient in a vegetable ingredient. Whatever the request, we harness the power of science to meet your expectations. 

Seed Selection

Premium fruit and vegetable ingredients all start with high-quality seeds. Our agronomy team ensures that the seeds we use are healthy and fully traceableto guarantee cultivation of only the most successful crops.  

Farmer Training

Our annual farmer training sessions are a platform to share best practices with farmer partners – so they can maximise their agricultural output and learn more about food safety, crop management and sustainability initiatives. 

Audit support

Our Audit Support Programme is implemented across our entire supply chain, to ensure complete traceability of every product we deliver. We collect real-time data from the fields, so conditions are continually monitored and reported on – for complete transparency. 

Variety trials

Our team of expert agronomists undertake frequent variety trials – to ensure that the fruit and vegetable varieties selected not only taste great but are the best suited to particular climates and environments. 

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