Taste & Texture

Consumers have an ever-growing list of priorities for their shopping list – from sustainability to label-friendliness – but taste and texture remain top priorities. However, creating an impactful flavour sensation, while also delivering an appealing mouthfeel, can be challenging as ingredient lists are stripped back.

Nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable ingredients pack a punch with flavour, regardless of the application. And whether you want your food or beverage to be silky smooth or filled with real fruit pieces and ‘bite’, we can explore the use of different sieve sizes to achieve your required consistencyWith our range of purees, NFC juices and concentrates, discover different tastes and new, exciting texturesRead on for some delicious NPD inspiration below… 

Sweet cherry

The moreish, sweet flavour of cherries has been a favourite for thousands of years. Sweet cherries are particularly well suited to dairy and bakery applications, with a smooth mouthfeel when pureed and a delicious, vibrant taste that pairs well with a wide range of complimentary ingredients. From jellies and jams to pastry fillings and premium beverages, SVZ’s sweet cherry single strength purees and juice concentrates are the perfect solution for adding natural flavour and texture to your products.   

Gold kiwi

Fuzzy on the outside, fruity on the inside – gold kiwi fruits are a favourite with consumers all around the world. Prized for their honeyed, sweet and refreshing flavour, kiwis make the perfect addition to smoothies, baked goods, jams and desserts. In their pureed form, these tropical berries provide a smooth, satisfying mouthfeel, but for extra ‘bite’ producers can opt for a coarser puree texture, taking advantage of SVZ’s decades of fruit processing expertise.  


These popular winter squashes aren’t just good for making spooky jack-o’-lanternspumpkins bring an earthy sweetness and smooth texture to soups, smoothies, baked goods and desserts. High in vitamin A and beta-carotene, pumpkins offer food and beverages a natural way to boost the nutritional credentials of their products, while always delivering an exceptional sensory experience. SVZ makes the many benefits of pumpkins easy to incorporate into a wide variety of formulations through its purees and juice concentrates.  

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