The importance of sustainability within the food and beverage industry has taken centre stage. Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact food production and consumption has on our environment and are making informed choices about the products they buy. So, how can you meet this demand for sustainable foods and beverages head-on?

Our portfolio has a wide range of environmentally responsible, sustainably sourced fruit and vegetable ingredients for any application. With our sustainable purees, NFC juices and concentrates, you can rest assured that the ingredients you choose for your NPD meet the most stringent regulations… 


Prized globally for their natural sweetness and beautiful colour, strawberries remain a popular choice among consumers. Certified as a sustainable ingredient, our extensive range of strawberry single strength purees, puree concentrate, juice concentrate, and NFC juices offers brands a wide variety of application opportunities such as baked goods, smoothies, yoghurt and jams. Attract consumers seeking out more environmentally responsible options with our sustainable strawberry ingredients. 

Sour cherry

Native to much of Europe and southwest Asia, the sour cherry is closely related to the sweet cherry but with a more acidic taste. With a sour kick to it, this variation of cherry is perfect for bakery fillings, ice cream, jams, yoghurts and more! SVZ can support manufacturers with its sustainably certified range of single strength purees, puree concentrates, juice concentrates and NFC juices all carefully crafted to enhance brands’ offerings 


As a certified sustainable ingredient, SVZ’s kale ingredients are the all-round champion when it comes to nutritional, ethically sourced offerings. One of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods, kale has a much higher vitamin C content than most other vegetablesAvailable in single strength purees and juice concentrates, we recommend adding kale to fresh juices, soups and even baby foods to maximise their benefits and versatility.  

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