Fruit and Vegetable Puree

We offer a broad range of fruit and vegetable purees for use in a wide selection of food and beverage applications.

Treating each fruit and vegetable ingredient uniquely, we produce purees of the highest quality, retaining as many of the raw materials’ natural characteristics as possible. Our understanding of the raw materials we work with helps us develop tailor-made solutions for a wide range of customer applications.

Our unique portfolio offers a wide selection of fruits including our flagship red fruit portfolio, as well as yellow fruit and tropical fruit. We work closely with customers to advise on appropriate varieties and develop applications using unique ingredients.

Providing excellent nutritional content, the inclusion of vegetable ingredients in applications allows food and drink manufacturers to marry health with convenience in line with consumer needs. Vegetable purees are ideal for nutrient rich and reduced sugar applications. Many types of vegetable are suitable for puree including carrot, pumpkin, parsnip or butternut squash, as well as healthy greens such as kale, spinach and broccoli.

Puree Single Strength

Single strength puree is obtained by sieving or pureeing the edible part of the natural whole fruit or vegetable without removing the juice to retain both juice and fibre. It offers a nutrient-rich, fresh and healthy ingredient option with a full-bodied mouthfeel for food and beverage applications such as beverages, dairy, ice cream, jam and fruit preparations, baby food and soups..

We can supply premium quality coarse, fine or homogenised purees, depending on customer application requirements. Coarse have a traditional home-made look, with small pieces of the raw material ingredient still visible. Sieving the raw material more finely retains part of its fibre structure for a fine puree form. A homogenised puree is produced using pressure to give a smooth puree in which no fibres are visible.

Puree Concentrates

Puree concentrate has had water partially extracted from single strength puree, leaving less product to be packaged, transported and stored. Our puree concentrate is available in a range of Brix levels and concentrate strengths for ease of processing.

We offer puree concentrate in a wide range of fruits and vegetables to allow exciting new product development, from fruits including raspberry, strawberry and sour cherry. We can also offer a new range of vegetable puree concentrates including carrot, pumpkin and courgette.

Our expertise in sourcing the best ingredients and processing them for optimal taste, texture and nutrients sees us working closely with customers to experiment with fusions of sweet and savoury flavours for unique new product development.