Our dedicated quality team manages and controls the entire supply chain, from the moment our high quality fruit and vegetables are harvested until the finished product is shipped. Throughout the process, we conduct quality checks to ensure our products are safe and comply with all regulatory standards.
All SVZ products are processed in state of the art facilities independently certified to the highest quality standards. All European SVZ factories are BRC certified and our factory in the US is certified according to FDA regulations.


We take great pride in delivering nature’s finest produce that retains the natural best of every fruit and vegetable. Our trained sensory panel monitors and evaluates the sensory properties of every product. Because we test for taste, mouthfeel and colour, customers are assured that their specification is met in a high quality, safe fruit and vegetable ingredient.

In addition to our dedicated resources, we can also utilize the Cosun Food Technology Centre’s specialist sensory facility.

Pilot Plant

The SVZ pilot plant provides the industry unique further new product development resource with a production scale up and product testing facility before entering a full production run.