SVZ in brief

SVZ is a producer and supplier of fruit and vegetable ingredients for leading food companies.

At SVZ, our agricultural supply heritage dates back to 1867, marking the start of our passion for the uniqueness of the raw material in our products. Our team of expert agronomists works throughout the season with our farmers in the world’s finest growing regions to advise on best practice in cultivation and harvest, to nurture the best crop to the highest standards.

Our state of the art facilities are located at the heart of our growing regions, processing freshly picked fruit and vegetables at source to optimise colour, taste and nutritional value. Our dedicated quality control team monitors the entire processing process, from harvest through to shipping the fruit and vegetable purees, juices and concentrates to customers across the globe.


Our vision is to be...

the leading global agro supply chain provider of processed fruit and vegetables. Our quality leadership extends throughout the supply chain, from cultivation, harvesting, processing, quality control and packaging. Everything we do aims to deliver the safest, highest quality fruit and vegetable ingredients to meet customer requirements.


Our mission is...

central to our whole operation: to support all our people – employees, growers and customers alike – and to remain at the forefront of our industry in terms of sustainability, food safety, ingredient innovation and knowledge.


Our global production facilities are situated at the heart of the world’s finest growing regions, where we partner with local growers to produce consistently high quality crops from successful farming businesses. Processing directly at harvest site protects the fruit and vegetable’s integrity and brings SVZ the security of supply chain control, ensuring premium quality fruit and vegetables for our customers.


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Our Segments

Premium Juices & Beverages

Consumers are looking for juices and beverages that bring vitamin and mineral goodness, and reduced calories for the ultimate, quick health fix. Our extensive portfolio includes vegetables and fruit varieties that are rich in nutrients and low in sugar, making them perfect for juice and beverage applications with health and functional benefits.

Innovative new beverages tailored to meet consumer needs require an understanding of the right ingredients, which our application specialists develop with our clients to bring the most nutritious, vibrant and healthy products to market.

Our purees preserve the very best of the fruit and vegetables for the freshest ingredients on the market, ideal for a wide range of juice applications. Some of our bestselling purees include strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, blackberry, blueberry, sour cherry, rosehip, mango, blackcurrant, red beet, cucumber, spinach and parsnip.

Our most popular fruit and vegetable juice concentrates are processed with care to retain the best taste and the required colour, including

Vegetables: carrot, spinach, kale and peppers.
Red fruits: blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blueberry and redcurrant.
Other fruit ingredients: lemon, lime, plum and rhubarb.

Dairy & Ice Cream

With yoghurts and dairy based drinks, health and flavour are important factors for consumers alongside convenience. Our fruit-rich portfolio at SVZ allows dairy producers to select natural real fruit ingredients to create a delicious nutritional on-the-go drink or yoghurt snack.

The desire for indulgence through luxurious textures and fabulous flavour sensations in ice cream is met with a preference for natural and healthy ingredients to allow consumers a guilt-free treat. Real fruit goodness has the power to appeal to the health-conscious and deliver the most innovative flavours in applications including sorbets, dairy ice creams or desserts.

Our bestselling fruits for the most nutrient rich purees for dairy and ice cream applications include strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, peach, apple, banana and mango.

Some of our most popular juice concentrates for dairy and ice cream products include strawberry, raspberry, lemon, lime and blackcurrant.

Jams & Fruit Preparations

Innovative fruit combinations allows the creation of indulgent new flavours and premium quality applications with the addition of uniquely sourced ingredients that burst with colour and fresh fruit taste. Our extensive knowledge of fruit harvesting through to processing means we can deliver high quality ingredients of the right variety for our customers’ specific jam and fruit-based product solutions. Popular fruits for jam and fruit preparations include raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, sour cherry, redcurrant, rosehip, rhubarb, kiwi, blueberry and sweet cherry.

Bakery & Confectionery

Consumers expect more natural, healthy ingredients in their indulgent treats, replacing sugar for example in baked goods with real fruit fillings. Processed fruit ingredients can also be used to develop innovative new products in a competitive market; creating multiple liquid filled layers with juice concentrates and using concentrated fruit purees as a base to develop fruit pieces and richly textured toppings for baked goods.

Natural fruit concentrate ingredients enhance hard or gum sweets for brilliant, brightly coloured and fruitfully sweet confectionery.

The most popular fruit ingredients for bakery and confectionery applications include strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, redcurrant, blackberry, blueberry, apricot, pear and mango.

Soups and Savoury

Consumers are looking for authentic savoury products with a superior taste and a home-made look and feel. The freshest, most natural vegetable ingredients including those with superfood status are favoured by consumers who seek additional health benefits from their food products. Our flexible processing techniques allow us to treat each vegetable uniquely to retain the most nutrients, and deliver the final ingredients in the packaging formats that customers need.

Full of flavour and rich in nutrients, our leading processed vegetable ingredients include pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potato, kale, spinach and carrot.

Baby Food & Organic

Responsibility is essential in producing the safest, highest quality, sustainable and most nutritional fruit and vegetable ingredients for use in baby food and organic applications. We are certified to produce organic fruit and vegetable ingredients which are constantly tested for the highest quality and consistency, using this all-natural farming standard. Whether the final product is needed in a jar or a pouch, we can call on our extensive portfolio of fruit and vegetables, combined with our commitment to innovation, to develop new, safe, nutrient-rich puree blends that are ideal for use in baby food products.

The most popular fruit ingredients for baby food applications include strawberry, raspberry, mango, blueberry, passion fruit, rhubarb and rosehip.

Our bestselling vegetable ingredients include carrot, pumpkin, butternut squash and sweet potato.

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