Whether you’re looking to create the next exciting beverage, ice cream or soup, you can’t go wrong with SVZ’s portfolio of healthy and naturally delicious fruit and vegetable ingredients. Our range of purees, juice concentrates, NFC juices and IQFs will ensure that your products stand out on supermarket shelves.

With our technical expertise and know-how, coupled with the very finest fruit and vegetables, we can tailor products together, so they meet your needs and surpass consumer expectations. Why not explore our full range of applications below?

Premium Juices & Beverages

Consumers today want more from their drinks – they’re looking for nutritional benefits, a great taste and functionalities such as immunity enhancement. Whether you’re looking to create a clean label, nutrient-rich smoothie or a sugar reduced fruit juice, our portfolio of 100% natural ingredients will help you reach your goal.

Ice Cream, Dairy & Alternatives

Natural fruit and vegetables are the perfect dairy ingredients – whether you want the delicate sweetness of raspberry puree swirling through your ice cream, a red beet concentrate to naturally achieve an appealing colour in flavoured milk drinks, or the delicious sour-sweet addition of blueberry in your yoghurts.

Jams & Fruit Preparations

Achieve a delicious, clean flavour profile in your jam and fruit preparations with SVZ’s portfolio of premium fruit and vegetable purees, concentrates and IQF. From the honeyed taste of apricots to sugary strawberry, harness our range of ingredients to create jams, marmalades and spreads that are great either by themselves or as the perfect fruity filling.

Bakery & Desserts

Consumers are seeking more natural, healthier ingredients in their baked treats – for example, by replacing sugar with real fruit fillings. Lending rich colours, tempting textures and delicious flavours to a wide range of fillings and toppings, make sure you incorporate the healthy sweetness of our fruit and vegetable ingredients to your cakes, pastries and biscuits.

Soups & Savoury

Want a soup ingredients supplier that doesn’t compromise on sustainability? Searching for a natural, ethically sourced (yet still delicious!) addition to your dressings, sauces, and condiments? Look no further than our range of premium vegetable purees and concentrates, perfect for adding to any savoury formulation of your choosing.

Baby Food

At SVZ, we don’t take our role as baby food ingredients producer lightly. We understand that you’re looking for organic fruit and vegetable ingredients that don’t compromise on specific quality or safety, and that deliver unparalleled nutritional benefits.


Our natural fruit and vegetable concentrate ingredients enhance hard or gum sweets for the clean-label and tasty confectionery that consumers are searching for – while also ticking sustainability credentials too! Look no further than SVZ’s range of high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients for great flavour, rich colours and a more natural profile.

Pet Food

The pet food market is only growing, and consumers are searching for the best foods that are nutrient-rich and keep them healthy. So, to meet this growing demand, have you considered adding high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients to your wet pet food formulations to increase the overall nutritional value – and in some cases, improve the flavour and colour?

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