November 3, 2017

BLOG: 2017 harvests review thumbnail image

Back in June, we updated our customers on the challenging weather conditions of last spring and their likely impact on our crop yields. Now the summer is over and most of our harvests are complete, we can provide more detailed information on the situation.

We’re pleased to say vegetables weren’t really impacted by the harsh frosts that hit Europe earlier this year. Ongoing production of crops like carrots, red beet and pumpkins is in line with our forecasts and normal kale field conditions also promise a harvest without any major surprises.

Unfortunately, red fruit bushes and cherry, apple and pear trees were damaged by unusually low temperatures and frosts in late April and early May. In some crops, volumes are down 20-30% against forecast, but sour cherries were hit particularly hard, with only around a quarter of the expected crop being successfully harvested. Raspberries, though, emerged almost unscathed.

Although some of 2017’s harvests were disappointing, SVZ is making efforts to ensure the impact on customers is minimized.

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