May 23, 2018

BLOG: A DAY WITH THE PRESS, HUELVA 2018 thumbnail image

Building on the success of the media tour in Poland two years ago, we organized a trip to our factory in Almonte and partner fields in Huelva last month. A few editors from the international trade press joined us and here’s how it went…

Journalists from the international food and beverage, dairy and confectionery press travelled to the Huelva region to learn more about our fruit and vegetable ingredients and sustainability initiatives. Strawberries were, of course, centre stage. The reporters were amazed to see the huge fields, the harvest and collection and finally the factory with delicious strawberry puree being produced in front of their eyes.

Believe it or not, the tour wasn’t all about eating a lot of strawberries. Being able to ask direct questions to the farmers, take pictures and talk to our agronomists gave them a unique perspective on our world, but in all honesty, we still think that it was the taste of our strawberry puree that charmed them!

The topics discussed included the implementation of sustainable practices that maximize yield, the range of strawberry varieties offered by SVZ and how to blend them to obtain the required specs for every customer’s needs. From the very first moment in the fields it was evident that all SVZ believes in – that is natural, traceable and sustainable purees, can be a reality.

It was also a good opportunity to talk about our growth plans in the region following the recent installation of  the new puree concentrate line and additional freezing capacity, as well as our recent EcoVadis award, but we’ll tell you more about that later…

Despite the unfavourable weather and some flight cancellations due to a strike, we’re happy to say that the media tour was a great success. We’ve already seen some articles and nice pictures published – have a look at World of Food Ingredients  for example and let us know what you think!


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