May 21, 2018


Premium products are taking the lead and becoming increasingly valued in the global juice market. In such a fast-moving and well-developed industry, the obvious truth is that manufacturers need to innovate to stay ahead and ensure their products have maximum consumer appeal, whether that means considering new flavour combinations or improving their health profiles. Keeping on top of the latest trends is vital; read on to find out more:

Healthy hydration

Health is one of the main drivers in decisions to buy refreshing juice drinks and nutrient-dense smoothies, with ‘better-for-you’ claims moving from an appealing ‘value-add’ to a necessity. As more and more European consumers look to live healthier lives and reduce sugar intake, beverage manufacturers have an opportunity to respond with innovative product launches. Making use of the diverse nutrients in freshly-processed fruit and vegetable ingredients in “water-plus” blends ensures maximum appeal for health-conscious consumers.

Natural and authentic

Consumers across the world are looking for more authentic beverages made from natural, healthy ingredients. This means minimal processing and no unwanted additives, in premium products displayed in chilled cabinets Our puree and concentrate ingredients are as natural as you can get, and our premium fruits and vegetables are processed right at the source to ensure freshness and maximum retention of all nature’s best nutrients.

Going green

As well as looking after the environment better, people want to eat ‘greener’ too. Consumers are looking for new ways to include the benefits of nature into their nutritional regimes, plant-based foods are growing in popularity and veganism is increasing. So now, beyond fruits, an increasing variety of vegetable ingredients and botanical extracts is being included in juices and smoothies, reinforcing both their healthy profiles and clean labels.


Consumers today are demanding more information about what goes into their drinks and where it comes from. Regulatory developments and sensationalist media coverage have accelerated the need for full and open disclosure. SVZ fully appreciates the importance of consumer trust and we work closely with our growers and customers to keep control and clarity of the whole supply chain.

Get in touch to find out more how about SVZ can work with you to develop juices that fit with the latest juice trends.

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