February 7, 2018


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Green fruit and particularly vegetables have revolutionised how we eat and drink. Firstly, with healthy green beverages, now the ingredients are even adding a green hue to dairy products, like yoghurt – and consumers can’t get enough of it. No longer seen as just a niche product, we’re eating and drinking greener, fuelled by the ‘clean eating’ trend. But why the sudden interest in kale and spinach?

Because we want it all; health, great taste, natural ingredients and added health benefits. And we’re willing to pay more for premium too. For many, it’s a small price to pay for health and wellness.

While green food and drink products may look off-putting to some, they are also a picture of health, conjuring up images of plentiful vitamins and minerals. Green beverages certainly have this added appeal, as well as the pull of natural ingredients, instead of artificial alternatives.

For those adopting a healthier and more natural way of life and scrutinising labels on the shelves, green fruit and vegetables ingredients tick every box. Indeed, they’re universally recognised for their healthy ‘halo’.

The benefits don’t stop there. With busier lives than ever before, we’re finding it hard to squeeze in our five essential portions of fruit and vegetables per day. We need our nutrition fix on-the-go, and green juices and smoothies have become an everyday fixture. Add some protein and fibre, and they also come in handy as a meal replacement – ideal for weight management, as well as everyday wellness.

While retailers’ refrigerators are filling up with rows of green beverages, consumer demands for more unusual flavours mean there’s still plenty of opportunity in the area. Recent popular juice combinations include cucumber, celery and spinach, or a more adventurous blends of lime, bell pepper and pear. Even yoghurts are going green, too; apple, kiwi, cucumber and melon is one flavour that consumers are craving.

Get in touch for more information on how our range of green fruit and vegetable ingredients can add a healthy ‘halo’ to your food and beverage applications.

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