May 4, 2019


With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to weekends at parties, barbeques and beer gardens. However, for a growing number of people, ‘low or no’ alcohol beverages are becoming the drink of choice. Reports have suggested that alcohol consumption in Western Europe has been declining for decades, particularly among younger generations, who, having grown up in the internet age, are hyper-aware of the health risks associated with excessive drinking and generally view alcohol as an unnecessary drain on their limited disposable incomes.

Instead of beers, wines and spirits, these health-conscious young consumers are looking for natural, plant-based drinks to enjoy while socialising, with 67% stating they preferred drinks made using 100% fruit juice. This demand is helping to change the perception of alcohol- free drinks as ‘boring’, and the industry is taking notice, with 80% of bartenders stating they plan to expand their mocktail menus in 2019.

Adult soft drinks are clearly having a ‘moment’, so here’s our breakdown of the top three trends for sober summer drinking:

Mock rocks
Top mocktail flavours for this summer include combinations of botanicals such as rose and sage, with lemon or strawberry juice, while fans of classic Bellinis can pair alcohol-free sparkling wine with their favourite fruit puree. Those looking for something a little different can sample savoury mocktails featuring red beet, cucumber and corn.

For fans of pre-mixed cocktails, German brand Shatlers offers alcohol-free versions of its canned adult drinks, including Pina Coladas, Mojitos and the San Francisco: a vibrant mix of grapefruit, orange and pineapple juices.

Sober spirits
Non-alcoholic distilled spirits are becoming a staple of most premium bars, with British brands Seedlip, Cedars and Everleaf offering the experience of drinking an adult mixed drink without the risk of a hangover. Offering flavours such as pea and hay or blood orange and lemongrass, alcohol-free spirits can be paired with premium fruit juices to create a refreshing mocktail.

Traditional inspirations
For more adventurous consumers, fresh takes on adult soft drinks can also be found in traditional recipes from across Europe. Local favourites like Polish Rabarbar Z Miodem (a combination of pureed rhubarb and honey) and Russian Kompot (stewed fruit puree in syrup) for example, are a great choice for drinkers who want sample new tastes, without the alcohol.

Summer may have only just begun, but the ‘low or no’ drinks trend is already here to stay. SVZ can help you produce vibrant, high-quality fruit and vegetable-based adult soft drinks to tempt health-conscious consumers and trend-savvy businesses alike. Get in touch to discover the possibilities of our great range!

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