March 5, 2018


Is there a fruit as universally loved as the strawberry? From sweets, milkshakes and pastries, to jams and jellies and the summer-time favourite strawberries and cream – it’s hard to find an application that strawberries do not lend their sweet taste and vibrant colour too.

While the deliciousness of strawberries cannot be questioned, there are a few misconceptions about the small fruit that should be addressed. For example, despite its name, it is not technically classified as a berry and, just to confuse things further, it is actually a member of the rose family. Additionally, the small hard pieces on a strawberry are often referred to as seeds but they are actually a type of dry fruit (known as achene) that contain their own seed within. With this amount of uncertainty, it’s no wonder there’s an entire museum in Belgium dedicated to them!

The global love for strawberries is not surprising at all, due to their full flavour and bright red hue. However, strawberries are not just great tasting, they’re also incredibly good for you. At just 30 calories per 100g, the fruit is a rich source of phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – helping to protect against premature aging as well as promoting good digestive and cardiovascular health.

A perennial plant, strawberries grow back year on year. Unlike some fruits, they do not ripen after being picked – so it is vital they are not harvested until the optimal time. Here at SVZ, we work with an expert team of agronomists and trusted farmers to ensure our strawberries are perfect every time.

Strawberries have been a popular flavour for many years, and while they are still going strong as a classic choice, manufacturers are regularly creating sophisticated combinations for discerning consumers, including strawberry with vanilla and black pepper or strawberries, beets and banana.

Whether you’re selling smoothies, making muffins or inventing ice cream, if you are interested in boosting consumer appeal with our premium strawberry purees and concentrates, get in touch today!


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