February 22, 2019


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The start of a new year is always signalled by a rise in demand for ‘healthier alternatives’ to our favourite snacks following the indulgence of the holidays, but in recent years nutritious, plant-based snacking options have become a year-round staple. In 2019, many brands are ‘greening-up’ their snack offerings to attract consumers hungry for exciting ways to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Although this ‘healthy snacking’ trend has become universal, different generations are seeking unique benefits from these products, with 50% of Generation X’ers wanting to reduce their sugar consumption, while 63% of Millennials are saving time by replacing traditional meals with nutritious, filling foods that blur the line between ‘snack’ and ‘meal’. In 2019, snacks are no longer convenient stop-gaps, but key contributions to a person’s lifestyle and wellbeing, and fruits and vegetables are at the centre of it all.

Unique formats
Nutritional content may now be a main focus, but convenience is still key. From ‘one bite’ protein balls, raw fruit-and-nut bars and unconventional vegetable chips, brands such as Bounce Energy, Nākd and Eat Real are offering plant-based snacks that are fast, filling and healthy. Another ‘quick-fix’ snack, yoghurt, has also been given a nutritious makeover, with Alpro Soya and Yeo Valley launching no-added-sugar options flavoured by fruit purees and concentrates.

Fresh flavours
As the sugar-backlash continues, ‘bitter’ is set to shine. From Walkers’ limited-edition Brussel sprout flavoured potato chips, to Bounce’s ‘V Life’ kale-almond protein balls, and dried kale chips from Leafy the Cotswolds, previously under-loved bitter vegetable flavours are on the rise. Younger snackers are also being introduced to this ‘bitter’ trend through puree pouches, with US brand Happy Family Organics’ offering flavours such as green bean, zucchini, spinach, kale or purple carrot, while in the UK, Ella’s Kitchen aims to promote healthy eating in later life by introducing tiny taste buds to savoury flavours like pea, broccoli and potato.

Functional snacks
Snacks are no longer expected to just ‘fill the gap’ between meals, but also provide other health and lifestyle benefits. High-protein fruit and vegetable-based smoothies such as Naked’s ‘Protein’ range for example are praised as post-gym recovery aids, whilst turmeric-infused apple, orange and carrot juice-shots remain popular for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Despite the rapidly changing market, produce-based snacks are emerging as a reliable and popular option for consumers regardless of format, flavour or function. SVZ can help you produce high-quality, flavourful and nutritious fruit and vegetable-based snacks that excite. To learn more about our great range, get in touch!

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