May 11, 2020


The idea that soil condition directly affects the quality and quantity of crops isn’t a new one. In fact, not all soils are suitable for growing crops, with a balance required between mineral components, soil organic matter, air, and water.

The right composition of soil is crucial to the livelihood of any farmer and for SVZ dedicating close attention to soil status is a practical way to assist growers in optimising their crops. Key pillars of sustainable fruit and vegetable production, soil health and biodiversity have always been high on our agenda, that’s why we’re particularly proud to say that we are partnering with farmers in our key growing regions to dig a little deeper into the makeup of their soil and explore how it can be improved.

The science of soil
Over the past year SVZ has reached out to selected farmers to audit their farming practices within the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) framework and help them take the next step on their sustainability journey. The initiative started in Spain and is now being extended to Polish fields; as part of the process, we carried out a soil sampling analysis, which allowed us to understand how the soil used can be further optimised.

With the analysis results, our team of agronomists are able to offer individually tailored growing advice to each of our farming partners, so that we can we be sure that the crops picked are both as abundant and high quality as possible. By understanding more about the health of the soil, we can even determine, for example, the estimated amount of mineral nitrogen released during the growing season, allowing farmers to adapt the doses of mineral fertilisers accordingly.

Sustainability from the very start
From both an economic and ecological point of view, keeping an eye on the soil quality is crucial. It’s also a fantastic way for SVZ to ensure that soil biodiversity is championed, and that our supply chain is sustainable right from the beginning.

Interested in finding out more about our sustainability credentials, or how we’re using the very latest science to enhance crop quality? Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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