December 17, 2020


The global fermented food and beverage market is showing no signs of slowing down; projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% between 2019 and 2024. The renewed worldwide popularity in fermented ingredients and increasing awareness of their digestive benefits continues to drive demand for new product innovation, especially when it comes to functional beverages. And SVZ has the perfect solution for manufacturers wanting to tap into the popular digestive health trend…

Fermented drinks – that include naturally processed vegetables and fruits – are currently accounting for 2% of the total non-alcoholic drinks market, but they are playing an increasingly important role in the functional drinks space. Moreover, vegetables and fruits are amongst the easiest foods to ferment, and with more than 70% of the UK population agreeing that ‘vegetables and fruits are good for the gut’, there’s the additional benefit of not having to convince consumers that your fermented products are good for them.

NPD teams are already harnessing the power of fermented fruit and vegetables in their dairy and beverage products. Polish brand JoguVege, for example, has created fruity, fermented ready-to-eat desserts with flavours including pineapple and mango, while vegetable-based drinks are also a hit – UK brand Eaten Alive uses live cultures from fresh vegetables such as cabbage, radish and carrot to create tasty beverages such as their ‘Kimchi & Ginger Gut Boost Shot’. There is a huge opportunity for manufacturers who want to create a new world of digestive wellness with fermented ingredients, and they can do it easily with SVZ’s new, 100% natural red beet product – available as both NFC and as a juice concentrate.

Fermented with lactic acid, red beet delivers on ‘natural’ and ‘clean label’, plus more – not only extending the shelf life of foods, but also adding gut health benefits that consumers are seeking in their products. Pasteurised without the addition of citric acid due to the natural fermentation process, our 100% natural red beet product is able to achieve a milder taste that is not as sour and acidic and a longer-lasting flavour profile. Already being used in plant-based dairy shots and in healthy juices and smoothies, it’s the perfect label-friendly addition to any health-enhancing beverage.

Tap into the digestive wellness trend with SVZ’s delicious, 100% natural fermented red beet ingredients – get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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