July 24, 2023

Döhler Group announces acquisition of SVZ

https://www.svz.com/news-and-blog/dohler-group-announces-acquisition-of-svz/ thumbnail image

Last week, a press release went out announcing Döhler’s acquisition of SVZ. This includes all our production sites in Europe, the USA and our tropical trading house Netra Agro, Döhler is a global producer, marketer and provider of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food, beverage and life science & nutrition industry.

In 2021 Royal Cosun announced the research of a new global partner for SVZ. One that would allow SVZ to grow and improve our position in the fruit & vegetable market. We are extremely excited to say that in Döhler we have found such a partner. Our portfolios, geographical reach and strengths are complementary, meaning together we will be able to unlock more opportunities globally.

This is an incredible milestone for our business. We see this as a testament to the outstanding team we have assembled, the strong impact we have had on the market, and the high quality associated with everything we create.

Please see the press note announcing the news here. We understand that you will inevitably have questions about how this affects our relationship and regular business activities. For now, we’re expected to keep operating at our business-as-usual capacity, and we are proud to confirm that we will continue to apply the same service and quality standards to all our partners, while also looking to expand our capabilities and opportunities to innovate, with the aim to keep growing better together.

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