February 14, 2019


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Here at SVZ, agronomy is our passion. Our agronomists’ expertise shapes decisions regarding seed selection, agro-supply chain management, sustainability and, in addition to these responsibilities, they also direct and manage our farmer training programme.

As an initiative that has been taking place formally since 2007, these annual training sessions are a platform for our agronomists to share best practices with our farming partners. The programme has grown continuously: this year, we expect to hold 70 individual sessions and train more than 2,000 farmers. We want to empower our partners to maximise their agricultural input and output, and this training allows for the improvement of farming methods for our growers.

What started out as teaching best practices regarding pesticide and insecticide has now evolved into a comprehensive programme which includes biodiversity, soil management and protective measures, as well as how to increase yield, fertilisation optimisation, the importance of hygiene, food safety and the latest global news and regulations relating to crop management: for example, changes in approved pesticides.

Through these training sessions we’ve seen farms grow from humble roots into flourishing businesses. They also allow us to share sustainability initiatives with our partners and ensure high-quality crop production: meaning that SVZ has the best possible control over the supply chain. This, of course, translates into the highest quality fruit and vegetable ingredients for our customers.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our unique expertise in agronomy, and how we can deliver premium fruit and vegetable ingredients for your business.

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