December 20, 2021

Fi Europe 2021: 3 key learnings from Frankfurt! thumbnail image

Earlier this month, the SVZ team attended Fi Europe 2021, held this year in Frankfurt, Germany, to meet with customers and like-minded food and drink innovators. As with previous years, the event provided a valuable opportunity to meet our partners in-person and take a closer look at industry trends.

On our shared Royal Cosun booth, alongside colleagues from Sensus and Aviko Rixona, we had a really positive experience at the show. We were able to have many high-quality conversations with current and potentially new customers, as well as other industry stakeholders. Keep reading to discover 3 of the key learnings we took from the event…

1. The power of plant-based

Although the plant-based and vegan movement shouldn’t even be considered a ‘trend’ anymore, at this year’s event we noticed a specific interest in meat and fish-replacement in applications such as meatballs and burgers. By harnessing alterative protein sources like soy, pea and fava beans, food manufacturers are ensuring that the demands of a health-conscious and environmentally responsible audience are met.

A question we are often asked is: how can the colouring of meat be mimicked in an a natural, plant-based way? With our premium fruit and vegetable ingredients, we can provide the colouring necessary to improve the look of meat-free products – for example, with our red beet purees and concentrates, vegan meatballs can gain an attractive red hue.

2. Transparency and traceability

Ongoing consumer demand for more sustainably sourced food and drink products was also apparent across the trade show floor. Manufacturers and producers are seeking to implement a fully transparent and ethical supply chain to reassure their target audience that the food and drink they consume is sustainable right from the very beginning.

We had lots of interesting conversations with industry stakeholders who wanted to understand how the fruit and vegetable ingredients they use can be sustainable, ethically sourced and delicious. Fortunately, with SVZ’s 100% natural portfolio, our partners don’t need to worry about transparency – check out our agronomy page for more information!

3. Let’s innovate, together

2021 was the year that we launched our brand-new tagline – ‘growing better together’ – and we believe it perfectly encapsulates working closely with our partners, colleagues and customers for a healthier, greener world.

It was the message that we brought with us to Fi Europe – and it was fantastic to have discussions about how the food and drink industry can make positive, tangible change and create a healthier world for future generations. As a business, we’re looking forward to continuing that conversation in 2022.

Although held in unusual circumstances, it was great to meet customers and partners – both old and new – at Fi Europe 2021. We’re looking forward to strengthening these connections in the new year!

Got a question about our 100% natural fruit and vegetable ingredients, or would you like to discuss our sustainability initiatives in more detail? Get in touch with our team today.

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