January 8, 2024

Is kiwi the fruit flavour of 2024?

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Will 2024 be the year that kiwi steps into the spotlight? At SVZ, we think so – as consumers globally seek out more fruit-forward flavour fusion, healthy indulgence and novel plant-based creations.[1] The increasing demand for nutrient-dense fruits in particular opens up new opportunities for kiwi fruits, known for their high vitamin C, antioxidant, and dietary fibre content.[2] With its appealing tropical taste and smooth incorporation into everything from snacks to functional beverages, vitamin-rich kiwi is perfectly positioned to meet many of 2024’s fast-rising consumer trends. Read on to learn more about kiwi’s perfect blend of taste and nutrition…

Kiwi provides healthy indulgence

Innova Market Insights found that consumers are increasingly seeking products that provide both health benefits and indulgence, leading brands to create more nutritious and functional treats.1 With their naturally sweet flavour and smooth, satisfying mouthfeel, green and gold kiwi purees can be used to incorporate fruit into formulations and address consumers’ desires for healthy indulgence. Tropically sweet gold kiwi, for example, with its mango and strawberry-like flavour profile, supports the creation of positively pleasurable foods including ice creams, desserts and bakes packed with a high amount of vitamin C, supporting immunity and enhancing overall well-being.

A tropical twist on the plant-based trend

Plant-based eating continues to grow, fuelled by consumer interests in health and sustainability. As more consumers embrace fruit and vegetable-forward foods and drinks, kiwi ingredients such as purees and juice concentrates can add a nutritious, on-trend twist to familiar favourites: think ready-to-eat bowls and tempting dips and condiments. With kiwi’s tropical sweet-tart flavour, brilliant colour and smooth mouthfeel, it fits perfectly into the plant-based functional snacks and nutrient-dense indulgences consumers increasingly want.

Bringing the exotic home

With two-thirds of consumers expressing openness to trying global cuisine, the appetite for adventurous, tropical flavours remains strong and kiwi stands out as a versatile fruit ingredient primed for fusion across categories.1 Gold and green kiwi purees and juice concentrates introduce flavours from the Pacific that blend beautifully into cross-cultural interpretations. Bringing a distinctly tropical sweet-tart taste and vivid green vibrancy, kiwi can punch up taste profiles or offer a refreshing contrast in drinks or desserts. And at the same time, the versatility of kiwi ingredients can add a delightful variation on classic foods. For instance, the kiwi fruit’s zesty profile adds a tangy twist to sweet baked goods such as apple pies and strawberry tarts, elevating the experience of traditional flavour combinations.

The stage is set for the kiwi craze

Kiwi is uniquely positioned as an on-trend fruit ingredient for 2024 and beyond. With its appealing tropical sweetness, smooth mouthfeel and versatile functionality across applications, kiwi enables brands to formulate products that speak to emerging consumer interests from plant-based eating to healthy indulgence. From ice creams to cocktail mixes, snacks to smoothies, expect kiwi ingredients to turn up in diverse, exciting innovations this coming year and for years to come.

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