July 30, 2019


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Approximately 6 months after employees of SVZ organized a 24-hours running event on treadmills in the SVZ head office, Jeugdfonds Sport visited SVZ to report on what has been done with the funds gathered during the SVZ Christmas run.

The purpose of Jeugdfonds Sport foundation is to pay contribution, attributes and outfits for children whose parents do not have the financial means to pay for sports. With help from SVZ employees, Jeugdfonds Sport supports 9 children in Breda with contribution, outfit and attributes for 1 year. In addition, Jeugdfonds Sport indicated they will copy the SVZ event as a template and use it to organize sponsorships in other companies. Jeugdfonds sport thanked SVZ with a paving stone and a miniature tile as mementos for the SVZ efforts of December 2018. The paving stone will be placed near the entrance of the SVZ office.

Staff of SVZ organized this event as part of the SVZ vitality program Energy4Growth. SVZ values each possibility to combine vitality of staff and at the same time support the local community. For more information about Jeugdfonds Sport, please visit https://jeugdfondssportencultuur.nl/fondsen/breda-sport/ (Dutch website).

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