February 7, 2018


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Over the past one and a half years, SVZ has supported local beekeeper associations in a program to promote awareness of the importance of bees to our society. SVZ’s support began in Breda, but we have since developed various initiatives in other SVZ locations. Tangible activities, like growing flowerbeds, have been combined with education and awareness, e.g. lectures, visiting beekeepers and inclusion in SVZ’s regular training sessions for farmers regarding sustainable farming.

In 2017, SVZ celebrated its 150th anniversary. During this special year, SVZ employees showed their support for the bees by sponsoring sports events. In January of this year the local beekeepers’ associations were surprised with the cheques. The money will be put to good use, especially in education activities.

Biodiversity is important for us. As a leading company in the supply of fruit and vegetable ingredients for the global food industry, SVZ’s business activities are largely dependent on nature. Bees play a key role in maintaining our food supply chain and much of the raw materials SVZ processes, can only exist as a result of pollination by bees. The awareness program that SVZ has initiated focuses on education. SVZ wants to educate employees and visitors to our offices about bees and their important role in our society, while also increasing awareness about the difficulties bees face and giving examples of how every individual can improve their habitat.

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