April 27, 2022

Stay informed with SVZ’s Spanish strawberry harvest update

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The strawberry harvest is in full swing in Huelva, Spain, as the spring sun warms fields across the region. We understand that, if your business uses strawberry ingredients for applications including beverages, yoghurts, or ice creams staying updated with field developments is crucial. So keep reading for all of the latest insights and predictions, directly from our partners in the fields.

Cool beginnings

It’s been a slow start to the 2022 season, with colder temperatures than normal in Southern Spain so far this year. Low temperatures haven’t been uncommon overnight, and there have been many cloudy, rainy days with less sun than usual.

So, what does this mean for strawberries? The fruit is developing at a slower pace than we normally see at this time of year, which has had an impact on the volume generated. However, this also means that the brix value and the condition of the fruit will be enhanced – resulting in deliciously sweet, high-quality strawberries for our customers.

Warmer days coming

Although the Easter period is typically when production is boosted thanks to warm weather and longer, sunnier days, it’s not the same story this year. Instead, there have been numerous ups and downs in temperature, as well as lots of rain, which have all slowed down production in the fields.

There is good news, however – as April ends and May begins, we are seeing temperatures across the region rise and we expect production to ramp up as we move closer to the summer months. We therefore predict increased supply for the industry to be available across May and June, as a result of this warmer weather.

High demand, high prices

The lower volume we’ve seen so far this year has meant that European prices have remained high in comparison with last season, as supply doesn’t quite meet demand. Additionally, the costs associated with the growth, storage and transportation of strawberries – as well as energy and fuel – are continuing to rise. This increase is reaching as much as 25%, according to local farmers.

Nevertheless, the popularity of the fruit amongst consumers has arguably never been higher. The trend for better health and wellbeing means that we are all looking to increase our intake of nutrient-rich foods and beverages – and the delicious, natural sweetness of strawberry purees makes them an ideal ingredient solution. At SVZ, we are seeing high demand from both the fresh market and industry partners, as food and beverage professionals seek to bring this ever-popular fruit to consumers across a broad range of applications.

Stay up to date with the latest developments!

The quality of Spanish strawberries remains high in 2022. Despite the fluctuations in temperature we’ve seen so far this season, our prediction for the coming months is that production will be boosted as we move into early summer – before we then shift attention to the Polish harvest.

As always, our expert team of agronomists are working closely with farmers and growers to monitor the fields and assess the expected strawberry volumes and yield for 2022. If there are any important developments, we will be in touch directly with our customers. But in the meantime, enjoy the warmer spring weather – and keep an eye out for delicious strawberries coming your way very soon!

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