November 7, 2022

SVZ’s autumn harvest – an update from our Polish fields thumbnail image

As we move closer into the winter months, our Polish farms are as busy as ever harvesting the fresh seasonal produce that is at the heart of everything we do here at SVZ. This harvest season hasn’t been without its challenges, with inclement weather taking its toll on certain crops – however, our autumn harvest forecast is broadly positive. Read on for more information on the season so far!

Weather woes

As anyone who works in agriculture knows, the weather is always the most unpredictable element of any crop season.

This autumn has been no exception, with the remarkably hot summer and widespread droughts causing irrigation issues that were compounded by subsequent heavy rainfall.

While rain is usually welcome after a long period of dry weather, exceptionally heavy rain is problematic for crops. Dried-out soil that has been baked in the sort of extreme temperatures that we’ve seen this summer actually repels, rather than absorbs, water. This results in pooling of surface water, increased runoff during heavy rains and ultimately, a risk of floods turning fertile fields to mud –none of which is ideal for our farmers.

Carrot crops

These weather extremes have inevitably taken their toll on certain crops, with carrot yields around 30% lower than previously expected.

In the face of these challenges, SVZ’s dedicated agronomy team is constantly monitoring the situation and will be in touch with customers with further updates as necessary.

But that’s not all from the world of carrots! Our yellow carrot harvest is currently ongoing, while purple carrots will begin harvesting from the beginning of November.

Both crops are looking robust so far, with later harvest dates working in their favour to keep yield stable.

More seasonal varieties

We are also busy harvesting kale and Chinese cabbage varieties. Our kale crop is thriving, and we don’t currently anticipate any issues this season.

Meanwhile, our Chinese cabbage fields are also looking extremely healthy, with just a few more days needed for them to reach full maturity in time to be harvested at their peak.

Looking to more typical seasonal varieties, our red beet crop was gathered earlier in September and has already undergone its production cycle.

Due to the aforementioned weather conditions, we observed a higher-than-average Brix value, and somewhat milder colour in this crop.

Our pumpkin harvest is also now at its end, with this autumnal favourite always in high demand at this time of year.

The year ahead

Looking ahead to the next few months, we remain optimistic about our coming crop cycles. Farming activities are inherently exposed to the unpredictable, and for this reason our dedicated team of expert agronomists is always at the forefront, constantly supporting our partner farmers and growers to monitor the fields and assess expected volumes.

As always, we will be in touch directly with our customers should any important developments happen. Watch out: delicious autumn crops are on their way!

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