November 1, 2022

SVZ’s new c2030 initiative aims to drive the food and beverage industry towards a more sustainable future thumbnail image

As concerns around climate change, farmers’ livelihoods and the health of our planet increase, so does the pressure on the global food and beverage industry to do better and implement sustainable practices at every stage of the supply chain. SVZ is strategically positioned between growers and manufacturers, which means we have a huge opportunity to make a tangible difference.

So, we asked ourselves: how can we help build a greener, healthier world, implementing a real positive change across the sector for the benefit of all?

Inspiring the industry to move forward

c2030 is ‘a call to arms’ for the whole food and beverage industry to improve the sustainability of their business with tangible actions – after all, every little step counts when laying the foundations for a sustainable future. We’ve already committed to achieving 100% sustainable sourcing by 2030 and, under the umbrella of c2030, we hope to inspire industry-wide collaboration by promoting a flexible and transparent infrastructure, an ethical approach to production, and a focus on nutritious, plant-based diets. We firmly believe that a fair, profitable industry is possible if everyone does their part.

The c2030 report

To kick off the initiative, we sought to understand the current picture of sustainability in the food and beverage sector, drawing on different perspectives and opening up conversations with stakeholders across the industry.

So, we interviewed journalists, led an expert focus group, and surveyed our partners to uncover key insights. All our findings are presented in a brand-new industry report, which is available for free download. Click the link and get your copy to discover the challenges the industry is currently facing – and how we can move forward, together!

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