June 28, 2023

Thirsty for innovation? Discover this summer’s top 3 coolest beverage trends

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As temperatures rise, there’s no better time to explore the coolest beverage trends that will not only quench consumers’ thirst but also elevate their entire summer experience. From less-sweet juices to more exotic flavours, there are numerous beverage trends that manufacturers can tap into. e’ve collated the top three to watch in this blog…

1. The (less) sweet, the better?

With new sugar tax legislation being introduced every year, and warnings about the links between too much added sugar and obesity, it’s no wonder that consumers are moving away from sugary sweet drinks. For beverage manufacturers, however, less-sweet flavours offer an exciting opportunity: in fact, 36% of French adults have expressed interest in these types of juices and smoothies.[1]

Less sugary flavours are already common in juice shots – take Kloster Kitchen’s Cranberry Horseradish Ginger Shot, for example, which combines organic cranberry juice with ginger and horseradish pieces to create a beverage with a savoury kick. Indeed, vegetable ingredients – think carrot or red beet for example – can add a non-conventional, sweet-yet-savoury taste to beverages. Plant-based drink brand Plenish, for instance, launched a new range of vegetable-based cold-pressed juices last year – using spinach and cucumber in combination with pineapple and pear to create a balanced, less-sweet flavour.

2. Searching for adventure

Summer is typically when many people jet off for their holidays – but they also want new, adventurous experiences at home too, especially in today’s uncertain economy. Adding exotic, unusual tastes to their drinks – and maybe an unexpected texture or aroma – will pique their interest and help beverage brands stand out on supermarket shelves.

Tropical fruits are currently trending as consumers seek flavours that are unfamiliar but also delicious and nutritionally beneficial: think mango, guava and passion fruit. Tropicana’s Sensations Range, for example, has tapped into this demand by recently adding a new flavour to their portfolio: pineapple and pink guava crush. And why not try unusual textures too? Funkin Cocktails have explored this with their nitro-powered Passion Fruit Martini, which is made with real passion fruit juice and nitrogen to create a delicious, thick and velvety drink.

3. Fun and functional

Consumers are embracing sugar reduction in their beverages, but this often isn’t enough. They also want their drinks to be functional and include ingredients that can support their health – whether it’s by reducing stress or enhancing immunity. These types of drinks include Greenhouse Juice’s Farma-C+ Organic Booster, which features 1000mg of vitamin C in an ‘immune-boosting’ concoction of orange, acerola and sea buckthorn berry. Fruit and vegetable ingredients are the ideal addition to functional beverages as they’re inherently healthy, with naturally occurring sugars, fibres and vitamins/minerals.

Additionally, if a functional ingredient like a protein or botanical extract is added, metallic, astringent off-notes can creep into beverages. The bright, bold flavours of fruit and vegetable ingredients – whether it’s the tart notes of blackcurrants or the honeyed sweetness of strawberries – can make drinks a lot more palatable to consumers.

Sometimes, less does create more…

Regardless of the summer trend you’re tapping into, make sure you only use the highest quality fruit and vegetable ingredients in your beverages. At SVZ, we pride ourselves on our premium, sustainably sourced and delicious purees, concentrates and NFC juices – which add value to every beverage formulation.

Plus, we’ve also recently developed a neutral base solution – Carte Blanche – that allows juice and smoothie producers to reduce sugar in their NPD with no compromise on organoleptic qualities. Created using nutrient-rich white vegetables such as pumpkin and carrot, the 100% natural Carte Blanche solution is both neutral in appearance and in taste – so summery flavour combinations and vibrant colours can stand out.

Discover more about SVZ Carte Blanche today.

[1] Mintel (2023). Report: A Year of Innovation in Juice & Beverage Concentrates


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