May 30, 2024

Unlocking the power of puree concentrates: 5 key benefits thumbnail image

In the dynamic and diverse food and beverage space, staying ahead means constantly innovating while meeting consumer demands for taste, health and sustainability. At SVZ, we understand this challenge and offer an all-encompassing solution: puree concentrates. With a myriad of benefits, fruit and vegetable puree concentrates can cater to consumer must-haves – and more. Let’s take a closer look at why puree concentrates should be on manufacturers’ menus when it comes to choosing ingredients…

1. Multi-sensory perfection

Puree concentrates start by partially extracting water from purees – a process that intensifies the flavour and colour of the ingredient, offering a burst of vivid and palate-pleasing natural goodness for food and beverage producers to play with. Whether it’s the delectable sweetness of blueberry or the tartness of raspberry, puree concentrates offer an enhanced – yet authentic – taste and shade, while maintaining the irresistible mouthfeel of real fruit.

2. Nutritional powerhouse

In today’s health-conscious climate, consumers are increasingly scrutinising ingredient lists to check that what they eat aligns with their wellness priorities. Puree concentrates – such as our vitamin C-rich redcurrant and blackberry ingredients – can enhance the nutritional value of a product while at the same time replacing artificial additives and added, refined sugar. With a high fruit content, puree concentrates allow manufacturers to meet demand for healthier, label-friendly alternatives.

3. Versatility unleashed

One of the most notable features of puree concentrates is their versatility, which allows them to be used across a variety of applications. Take bakery, for example  – the inherent low water content of puree concentrates makes them the ideal addition to recipes for wraps and cookies. Our range is available in a range of Brix levels and concentrate strengths empowering food and beverage manufacturers to ‘build their own taste’ and develop unique products that stand out on supermarket shelves.

On a practical front, our puree concentrates are available in homogenised and non-homogenised versions and come in a variety of formats, from aseptic drums or bag in box, to chilled or frozen, offering ultimate flexibility. So, whether formulators are creating the next popular silky-smooth yoghurt, vibrant soup or refreshing smoothie, our puree concentrates allow for endless possibilities in new product development.

4. Cut down on costs

In an industry where efficiency is paramount, every step of the production process matters. Puree concentrates offer a significant advantage by packing all the flavour and organoleptic qualities consumers crave into a concentrated form. This means a smaller amount of ingredient to store and process, resulting in reduced transportation and handling costs for food manufacturers. By minimising these logistical challenges, puree concentrates provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution, without compromising on ingredient integrity or quality.

5. Sustainability at the forefront

Puree concentrates can facilitate companies in significantly lowering their carbon footprint throughout the supply chain. By requiring less transport, handling, storage and packaging than other fruit and vegetables ingredients, puree concentrates contribute to a more sustainable approach to food production. This aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious practices, helping companies to meet their sustainability goals while maintaining operational efficiency.

Red-y for a fruity revolution?

At SVZ, we take pride in our extensive portfolio of puree concentrates. Take our red fruit range, for example – made up of raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blackberry, blackcurrant and blueberry – which remains a favourite thanks to its spectrum of delicious, consumer-appealing flavours.

Our puree concentrate portfolio extends far beyond red fruit, however. Not only do we offer solutions including apple, mango and plum, but we also have the technical ability to produce vegetable puree concentrates, such as carrot andtomato , too. Meaning that by partnering with SVZ, food and beverage manufacturers can access a comprehensive suite of inspirational ingredients.

But, as demonstrated, the benefits go beyond flavour diversity. From cost reduction through streamlined handling to sustainability gains and packaging efficiency, companies can create tantalising products that exceed consumer expectations while driving operational excellence – a juicy bonus in anyone’s book.

If you’re ready to embrace the power of puree concentrates, get in touch today.

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