August 28, 2023

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It’s a fact; humans are irresistibly drawn to the promise of novelty and excitement. This is especially true in food and drink flavours, with data from FMCG Gurus suggesting that three quarters of global consumers actively seek out fresh and unusual options. But what about the bakery sector in particular? Breads, cookies, cakes and pastries are traditionally associated with concepts like ‘nostalgia’ and ‘indulgence’, and bakers tend to default to classic flavours consumers know and love.

These two flavour trends – novel and nostalgic – appear to be polar opposites, but they share a common ground: the need for naturalness. Across the board, consumers want clean label products with natural flavours that instil a sense of trust and authenticity – and of course, no matter the specific flavour, they must taste delicious. Achieving this wholesome appeal while balancing factors like nutritional content, texture, colour and functional properties used to be a complex process for bakers – until Carte Blanche came along. 100% natural, low-sugar, high-fibre and with a neutral flavour and colour profile, our white vegetable base is the secret weapon the baking sector has been waiting for.

Let’s explore how selecting the right base can help brands reveal hidden similarities between even the most contrasting consumer trends, and create baked goods shoppers are bound to love.

Into the unknown

Take a glance at any given supermarket bakery aisle and you’ll see novelty everywhere. With Innova Market Insights finding that 53% of bakery consumers express a preference for new and exciting flavours, it’s no surprise that claims like ‘new’ or ‘limited edition’ are immensely popular. This drive for adventurous flavours is rooted in the resurgence of international travel following the pandemic, as well as the evolving perception of exotic flavours as ‘7ealthier’ – an opinion shared by half of those surveyed by FMCG Gurus. With this in mind, tropical fruit flavours, such as mango, guava, passionfruit and pineapple, present a prime opportunity for brands to capture consumer attention with tastes that evoke a sense of exploration, excitement and natural wellbeing.

In their pursuit of wild and wonderful flavours, brands must remember that naturalness is key. The more unusual the taste, texture or colour of a product, the closer the association with artificial ingredients – something perceived as negative by three quarters of today’s consumers. As both natural bases and star inclusions, fruit and vegetable ingredients have the power to help brands manage this dilemma. Our Carte Blanche range, for instance, provides the perfect base for a pastry or cake filling: adding volume, fibre and texture without distracting from the main flavour, or adding artificial ingredients.

Call it classic – and clean label

Strawberry and vanilla, apple and cinnamon, chocolate and orange – some flavour combinations are written in the stars. Indeed, despite clear demand for new taste experiences, 55% of consumers still cite the presence of classic flavours as a key purchase driver. Nostalgia is a key factor here. According to Mintel, 72% of US consumers state they enjoy baked products that remind them of their childhood, with all the connotations of home, authenticity, simplicity and wholesomeness that entails. The last thing consumers want while indulging in a nostalgic treat is the nagging feeling that a product is packed full of artificial ingredients.

Just as with exotic flavours, bakery producers need to reassure shoppers that their offerings are natural, nutritious – and delicious. Here again, Carte Blanche provides the answer. The neutral flavour palate offered by these white vegetable purees provides the ideal accompaniment to classic ingredients like strawberry, peach and raspberry, avoiding the flavour clash that can come when using other bases like apple or banana. With a lower sugar content than traditional fruit bases too, Carte Blanche ingredients let brands create ‘better-for-you’ versions of traditional sweet treats, such as pies, tarts or centre-filled pastries.

Nail the base-ics, and the rest will follow

Even the most enduring flavour trends have a half-life so, while addressing the latest consumer preferences is important, bakery producers shouldn’t forget the basics. High quality, natural and nutritious fruit and vegetable ingredients will never go out of style, especially those with limitless innovation potential like Carte Blanche.

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