March 6, 2023

When less creates more: Introducing Carte Blanche, our functional range of white vegetable bases thumbnail image

Today’s consumers are more health-conscious than ever before: they’re reading ingredient lists more carefully, and looking for nutritional food and beverage products that boost their overall wellbeing. At the same time, several countries are implementing sugar and calorie restrictions for new F&B products, with the overall aim of improving peoples’ health.[i] It’s no surprise, therefore, that sugar reduction has become a priority for many manufacturers seeking to give their beverages, baked snacks and even desserts a ‘better-for-you’ makeover.

But what about taste, texture and colour? Consumer expectations around these three elements are still very high. In fact, while shoppers continue to prefer taste more than any other characteristic, texture and colour are becoming increasingly important too, with 56% of consumers stating that they like food to have bright and intense shades.[ii] This raises the challenge – but also the opportunity – to deliver on products that tick all the boxes.

To overcome this challenge, product developers need versatile and functional bases that support innovative formulations with reduced sugar, while also allowing them to explore adventurous flavours and colours. That’s why we have developed the perfect blank canvas to help brands create more, by using less.

Introducing Carte Blanche

Featuring white carrot and pumpkin as its star products, the Carte Blanche ingredient solution addresses industry demand for neutral, versatile and naturally low-sugar bases that are able to also enhance the nutritional profile of food and beverage innovations. The full range of 100% natural and nutritious white vegetable purees, concentrates and NFC juices is designed to offer functional benefits that go beyond reduced sugar content.


In fact, what’s unique about Carte Blanche is that not only is it low sugar, but it is also perfect to create volume and improve texture in a broad range of products. With multiple functionalities, brands can keep ingredients lists short and clean, while still delivering on great taste and mouthfeel. Thanks to Carte Blanche, a world of endless possibilities opens up – a neutral colour and flavour palette means other formulation elements can shine through, allowing for the creation of stunning, vibrant hues and exciting flavours. Sometimes, adding less – actually gives you more.

Every application needs a tailored foundation

Our Carte Blanche white base solutions aren’t available off-the-shelf. They are developed according to the unique requirements of each application, and we work closely with our customers to help them overcome their formulation challenges and deliver the best possible foundation for their new product.

These new, fully customisable solutions are ideal for a wide array of applications, from smoothies and non-carbonated soft drinks, to baked goods, savoury snacks, plant-based meat alternatives and desserts. Plus, using one base or filler for various recipes provides manufacturers with the unique advantage of optimising production cost and efficiency.

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[ii] FMCG Gurus. Flavor, Color, & Texture Trends in 2021.

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