May 23, 2018

BLOG: 2018 HARVEST PREVIEW thumbnail image

Harvest season is approaching and to help you plan the year ahead, here’s a sneak preview of the latest agricultural reports from Europe’s major fruit and vegetable growing areas.

Weather conditions in the early spring of this year were unsettled in Huelva, Spain, so the high-volume harvesting of strawberries has been slightly delayed. Poland’s strawberry harvest has recently started, one week earlier than last year. After a few dry weeks in late April, everything looks promising for another good crop. Other red fruits such as sour cherries and blackcurrants will be picked respectively in June and July. For these fruits, slightly lower yields than average might be expected as orchard numbers have been static since last year. Raspberries are on track for a normal crop across key regions: Poland, where some fields are now recovering from the dry weather, and the Balkans, where cultivation acreage has been increased. Although winter frosts and spring storms have given food for thought to some European fruit growers, vegetables are maturing well, with spinach being harvested now.

Our team of agronomists is working closely with all our growers to monitor the situation in the coming months as for most crops, it’s still too early to make accurate predictions of volume. For the time being, they have confirmed that they’re on track with our initial yield expectations. As usual, we will keep you updated on any important developments.

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