January 31, 2019


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Are you adventurous with your food? Do you try things you’ve never had before, or are you tempted by the latest exotic tastes your parents and grandparents would never have even heard of? If so, you’re part of a growing trend that has been dubbed ‘The Adventurous Consumer.’

Last month, Innova Market Insights released its predicted top trends for 2019, and ‘The Adventurous Consumer’ topped the list. According to the report, “Targeting adventurous consumers, set on new discoveries and experiences, will be key for product development in the food and beverage industry in 2019.”

So, how should brands react to this? “Big food manufacturers will have to think like small companies if they’re going to compete for the hearts and minds of consumers,” advised Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova. It’s true – manufacturers will have to step away from the safety of their tried-and-tested portfolios, and instead focus on exciting new ideas.

In a world that is also increasingly interested in health, ethical consumption and minimal processing, brands need to brainstorm new ways to reach this audience. It’s a reason why, here at SVZ, we’ve noticed a surge in interest for the more unusual fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Many of our customers are realising that they may need to extend their reach beyond traditional favourites such as strawberry yoghurt and berry-centric preserves. In response, they’re experimenting with fruits such as figs, lychees and rosehip, which can be used in yoghurts, juices and jams. Taking it a step further still, vegetables add another layer of taste to sweet foods and beverages – think cucumber, beetroot, sweet potato and rhubarb.

Some brands are already catering to the adventurous consumer. Dutch-based Boermarke, for example, has recently introduced beetroot, carrot and sweet potato yoghurts. And in the UK, Cawston Press’ juices include ‘radiant roots’ – containing carrot, beetroot and ginger.

In order to capture the heart and mind of the ‘adventurous consumer’, innovation is vital. And SVZ can provide exactly the right ingredients.

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