May 26, 2021

Will kiwi be 2021’s fruit of the summer? thumbnail image

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are seeking foods and beverages that are not only tasty and satisfying, but healthy too. At SVZ, we are seeing an increased demand for high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients, with NPD teams seeking to add the delicious, nutritious flavours of spinach, red beet and berries to their formulations. As summer arrives, however, could the tangy sweetness of kiwi be exactly what consumers are looking for?

A perfect mix of tasty, healthy and versatile, the humble kiwi offers a wide variety of possibilities for food and drink manufacturers. The traditional green kiwi that we are all familiar with, for example, is well known for its levels of dietary fibre, vitamins and antioxidants – while its sour-sweet taste is a great addition to fruity blends.

Meanwhile, the gold kiwi – a recent addition to the kiwi family – has a more tropically sweet taste, with a flavour often described as a mix between mango and strawberry. It has less fat than the regular green kiwi, as well as higher levels of vitamin C, meaning that it’s the perfect option for manufacturers seeking to add a honeyed sweetness with the health credentials of a superfruit.

Both varieties are a great source of vitamin E, which helps to support and strengthen the body’s immune system while also maintaining healthy skin and eyes. In order to meet the expectations of today’s health-conscious consumer, incorporating nutrient-rich kiwi into foods and beverages could be a game-changer for global manufacturers.

NPD teams, in fact, are already taking advantage of the kiwi’s numerous benefits. Whether it’s in refreshing flavoured waters, smoothies or yoghurts, the tangy taste of kiwi is being used as a key flavour that is simultaneously delicious and nutrient-rich across a broad range of applications. Indeed, we are even seeing the kiwi’s natural sweetness being incorporated into hard seltzers, ready-to-eat smoothie bowls and baked goods. It seems that the possibilities are endless!

Interested in harnessing the potential of kiwi this year? Find out more about SVZ’s green and gold kiwi purees, juice concentrates and NFCs – and how they can transform your product offering. Get in touch with the SVZ team today.

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