Want to tap into the latest consumer trends? Whether your brand is exploring the plant-based movement or personalised nutrition, SVZ’s fruit and vegetable ingredients are the perfect addition to your new product development – offering everything from a great taste and health benefits to vibrant colouring and texture variety.

At SVZ, we always stay on top of the latest food and beverage trends and we’re happy to discuss new solutions with our valued customers. Take advantage of our delicious raw ingredients and application expertise – and let’s create the products of tomorrow, together.


For global consumers, supermarket trips have become synonymous with checking labels for ingredients and additives. Food and beverage manufacturers need to give consumers natural and simple ingredients that they recognise – so how can you deliver on label-friendliness without compromising on great taste and texture?


The importance of sustainability within the food and beverage industry has taken centre stage. Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact food production and consumption has on our environment and are making informed choices about the products they buy. So, how can you meet this demand for sustainable foods and beverages head-on?

Plant Based

More and more global consumers are adopting plant-based diets – and this number is showing no sign of slowing down. Whether they are choosing vegan and vegetarian products for ethical reasons, out of concern for their own health or the health of the planet, there has never been more demand for fruit and vegetable-based solutions to animal-derived ingredients.

Personalised Nutrition

Global consumers are seeking foods and beverages that are good for both their bodies and minds. As a result, more attention than ever before is being placed on nutritionally enhanced products that offer consumers a great taste and added health benefits. Why not tap into this demand with our range of fruit and vegetable ingredients?

Taste & Texture

Consumers have an ever-growing list of priorities for their shopping list – from sustainability to label-friendliness – but taste and texture remain top priorities. However, creating an impactful flavour sensation, while also delivering an appealing mouthfeel, can be challenging as ingredient lists are stripped back.

Sugar Reduction

Consumers are gradually shifting away from sugar-laden foods and beverages in favour of healthier options with less calories. For global manufacturers across sectors including dairy, beverages and bakery, a key priority is finding a suitable replacement for sugar that is healthier and more ‘natural’, but which still delivers the same great taste and texture. 


Consumers are searching for food and beverage products which can support their digestive health, and the credentials of fermented drinks and dairy products in aiding gut health are becoming well known. Want to tap into this burgeoning trend? Fermented fruit and vegetable ingredients are a great way to make your products more appealing to health-conscious consumers.


How can global manufacturers achieve a visually appealing, vibrant colour without the use of artificial ingredients? If you’re looking for vivid colours – which are 100% natural and label-friendly – keep reading… Fruit and vegetable ingredients are a great solution for NPD teams who want to harness vibrant hues in a clean label way.

Let's create the food and drink of tomorrow, together