June 22, 2023

White rice: discover the new, neutral tasting base of our Carte Blanche range

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(Good) things always come in threes – that’s why we are excited to announce that our functional range of white vegetable bases has a new star ingredient: white rice. Along with white carrot and pumpkin, this new addition to the Carte Blanche concept is the perfect base to help food and beverage manufacturers reduce sugar levels and achieve a rainbow of bright colours in their next innovation.

With the addition of our new 100% sugar-free white rice ingredient, the versatility of the Carte Blanche range truly knows no limits. Not only can it improve volume and texture in many applications – from smoothies and juices to plant-based meat alternatives and desserts – but it’s also the perfect solution for a healthy product makeover.

Supporting sugar reduction

Sugar reduction is a top priority for consumers and governments alike[1], with the wider food and beverage industry under pressure to reformulate with less added sugar. It is not only a technical challenge, but a balancing effort between taste, nutrition and sensory characteristics as well.

That’s why a one-size-fits-all approach to sweetening, such as using artificial additives, often cannot meet the unique requirements of each application. For this reason, SVZ’s development team works side-by-side with customers to address their reformulation needs and develop the best tailored solution. We do this by leveraging our own industry expertise and the low-sugar credentials of our Carte Blanche functional ingredients.

A cost-effective solution

Aside from sugar reduction, price is also top of manufacturers’ minds. Today, producers are weathering a storm of rising prices, inflation, supply chain disruptions and a shift in consumer habits as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. The latest McKinsey’s Europe Consumer Pulse Survey shows that rising prices are the top source of concern for most Europeans, and three out of five consumers have changed behaviours when shopping for groceries and essentials.[2] Against this backdrop, rice – one of the most consumed staples in the world – has stood out in the agricultural market for its relatively stable prices[3]. The ingredient’s addition to the Carte Blanche range, therefore, makes the solution a more cost-effective option for producers – helping them navigate the uncertainty of today’s supply chain.

Make it functional

Are you ready to cut the added sugars without compromising on cost, taste or texture? Get in touch today to discover how Carte Blanche white vegetable bases can help you achieve more, with less:  https://svz.campaign.page/carte-blanche

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